Local SEO is a digital marketing technique that improves your chances of attracting qualified prospects online whose present location is in or near your area. This strategy benefits businesses with brick-and-mortar locations or specific geographic markets.

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Today, when the majority of consumers use their mobile devices to search, for instance, for the nearest dentist for emergency treatment or hippest local restaurant to try at lunch break, they can find what the are looking for with local SEO. This type of SEO helps you reach potential clients at the moment when they are most likely to buy a product or purchase a service. In short, when done right, this strategy puts your brand in front of a user who needs what you have to offer right now.

Since local SEO is hyper-targeted, it usually brings a greater return on investment (ROI) than other digital marketing techniques. If you have a brick-and-mortar location but lack the resources for advertising, you should take advantage of the marketing power of local SEO.


At EntireTech, we perform local SEO techniques based on your business model and goals. We combine best practices, industry-proven methods, and client-focused tactics to run a campaign that delivers the results you desire.

With local SEO, we add geographical markers to your targeted keywords to improve your chances of becoming highly visible to qualified prospects in your area. It is part science, part art. Trust our team to do impeccable research and client-focused practices to find the right combination of geographical keyphrases and relevant keywords for your local SEO campaign.

Also, we perform solid local SEO tactics, such as claiming and optimizing business listings, improving title and meta descriptions with geotags, and monitoring customer reviews online. Leave all these tasks in our hands; just focus on taking more client calls or entertaining walk-in customers.

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