GA4 Setup or Migration provides a simple integration of Google Analytics 4 into a website. GA4 allows you to more granularly track data that wasn’t available previously. With the sunsetting of Google Analytics 3 in 2023, it is recommended that GA4 implementation is done as soon as possible so as to capture as much data as possible.

The setup and/or migration we offer provides:

  • Simple GA4 setup OR
  • Migration from GA3 (Universal) to GA4
  • Limitations:
    • We can only fully install and migrate goals only on WordPress.
    • UA (Universal Analytics) GA goals are not currently present. Hence, we cannot migrate any goals to GA 4.
    • UA Goal Migration only encompasses destination goals and events

GA4 Features and Benefits:

  • Why the need to transition to GA4?
    1. GA4’s measurement model is more flexible and superior to GA3 because it focuses on events rather than sessions.
    2. GA4 caters to both website and mobile apps.
    3. GA4 offers a straightforward approach to event tracking setup.
    4. GA4’s reporting capabilities have improved and are more accurate than GA3’s to make better marketing decisions for website owners and business owners.
    5. GA4 provides better cross-platform & cross-device tracking.
      • Improve understanding of customer purchase journey across all platforms.
      • Fix cross-device attribution issues.
      • Understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across devices/platforms.
    6. GA4 offers more parameters to set up accurate goals. (25 parameters for each event)
    7. GA4 provides enhanced visualization and reporting through their “Analysis Hub” for better user experience and analysis. (Ex: funnel analysis, segment overlaps, etc.)
    8. GA4 can create and track up to 300 events and 30 conversions.
    9. GA4 offers users the ability to create 50 custom dimensions and 50 custom metrics.
    10. GA4 provides better users’ privacy control options.

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